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Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Oct 25, 2020 | Small Business, Website design

Having a website is fundamental for any business big or small alike. Many small businesses may wonder why they need to invest in a website, especially if they mainly do work through local word of mouth. However, a website in this technological day and age is key to expanding your outreach and appearing professional to any potential customers and clients and is 100% worth having. Many maybe daunted by the prospect of obtaining a website, whether it be because it appears complicated or expensive, or both! There are many assumptions about what setting up a website entails, and many small businesses may feel a website is out of their reach. Well, I am here to inform you that this is certainly not the case, and inform you of a few of the many reasons why a website is so essential.


Having a website undeniably makes your business look far more reliable and professional. Many consumers or clients when looking to do business with you will go to your website as a first port of call to confirm your legitimacy, and not having a site for them to check your business can raise red flags and create scepticism for many consumers. Although social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram maybe good platforms for furthering the outreach of your business, many customers may feel uneasy about buying directly through these apps; with many scammers lingering online looking to catch people out, a secure and official website is an easy way to clearly set yourself apart from the crooks and indicate your legitimacy. The number 1 safest bet to ensure customers feel secure working with you is to have a reliable website, and their peace of mind is worth every penny.

Know how to contact/where to find you

Without a website, knowing how best to contact you and find you can be tricky. Even the most basic of websites will allow you to have your business number and email made accessible to any potential customers so they can contact you with ease. We live in an age where people expect immediate access to information, and having a website is the best way to satisfy this. Your website can even have a map feature making it even easier to get to you, great news for any salon, groomer or restaurant alike. Making it easy for customers to contact you is definitely one of the easiest ways to generate more business; with your brand new website, you’ll be inundated with calls and visits in no time!

A website is an easy way to really show off what you can do to potential customers and present the ‘wow’ factor of your business. We can process images far faster than words and so having an accessible gallery of pictures of your work or your available products looking their best is a fool proof way to boost the desirability to purchase from you. A website is also a great place to showcase your brilliant reviews and customer feedback. Having positive customer feedback to read will further reassure your potential customer that they’ve come to the right place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you haven’t heard about Search Engine Optimisation, then this blog is about to change your business forever! Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is KEY to extending your outreach and one of the most important aspects of having a well built and set up website. With SEO implemented correctly, your website will come up on major search engines such as Google when someone in your area searches for your area of expertise. It is a universal truth that most people do not look beyond the first two pages of Google results after searching for something, and so higher up your website ranks in the search engine, the more likely you are to get business from customers online. This is why a well-made website geared towards SEO is so fundamental.

Through DRA Create you can have your dream website built bespoke to reflect the uniqueness of your small business. DRA Create’s prices are all given upfront from the very first meeting, with no hidden costs sneaking up to catch you out, and we can let you know what is possible for us to do with whatever budget you have in mind for your site. So, get in touch, and book a consultation today!