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The Benefits of a Start Up Business Using DRA Create Over a Web Builder Website

Dec 16, 2020 | Small Business, Website design

With so many free online website builders available, you may wonder, why come to a web designer like DRA Create to make your website? Although it’s great that there are options out there for businesses to use, often going to a designer like DRA Create can be a better decision for you and your business.

I am going to run through with you all of the cons of using a website builder which often get overlooked or learned too late, and the benefits of going to a reputable web designer such as DRA Create which can prove invaluable to many business owners.

Often web builder websites promote themselves as a ‘free’ service to entice users to choose them to make their website. This claim is often misleading. Yes, it is free to set up your website through many of these sites, but it is often not sign posted that to get the exact website which your business needs, you will have to get numerous upgrades, which cost money.

To make matters worse, these upgrades are often monthly costs which consistently add up, leaving you at the end of the month wondering, where has all of this money gone? Many of these sites rely on their lack of transparency to make their big profits. Ultimately over time the ‘free’ website you decided to set up will not seem so ‘free’ and you can end up paying as much money as you would have done to have your site created bespoke to you by a professional web designer.

This is not to mention the chaos that can occur if you face technical issues with your site. These web builder website giants are unlikely to be able to help you quickly and effectively, because in honesty, you have not paid for tech support services. Managing to get a person to person technical support conversation is extremely rare. Facing consistent long running technical issues can be detrimental to your business and its reputation and so getting these issues sorted promptly is key to running a website which appears professional to your customers or clients.

Often these web builder sites may offer Domains and Hosting services as add ons, problem solved? Maybe not, there is a catch; these services are incredibly expensive, more so than if you had gone to a web designer in the first place.

Many business owners who are passionate about what they do have a clear vision for their business and how they would like it to be presented and viewed by the public. The restrictive in design templates offered on most web builder websites do not cater to this. Web builder websites are great if you want a basic website up and running, but to get your site looking exactly how you would like it is near impossible through this method. Equally if you desire your website to stand out from competitors having it use the exact same template of thousands of other businesses may not help you achieve that stand out quality.

Ultimately, web builder websites can be useful, and for anyone wanting to set up a simple site with minimal complexities maybe they are the way to go for you. But often what these sites promise, can be too good to be true.


Dave Allworthy

 David Allworthy | Director at DRA Create


A benefit of using DRA Create to design your website is that we are extremely upfront with our costs. We will have a personal 1 to 1 consultation with you exploring what we can offer you within your given budget. With the personalisation of our service we aim to reduce miscommunication and so cut all of the jargon (that’s for us to worry about, not you!). we will not sneak up with hidden costs to surprise you at the end of the month. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency which we consider integral to our core company values.
Also, you will be pleased to hear, you will not be met with automated responses if you decide to work with DRA Create. You can talk to us directly about any issues you maybe facing with your website and we aim to fix your problem within 24 hours, allowing you to get back on track and focus on the important things like cultivating your business. We believe the importance of technical and design support are invaluable. We are there to guide you through the process and aim to give you peace of mind by knowing your website is in safe trustworthy hands.

Our service is entirely bespoke to you. Through our consultations with you we can grasp a clear vision for what you would like your website to convey to your online audience. All businesses are unique and so we believe a website should reflect their own special quality. We aim through our designs to help you be memorable by giving your customers or clients a standout experience.

Search engine optimisation is the number one way to help your website get noticed. Being one of the top 5 sites which appears when someone searches for your service is guaranteed to bring a surge of customers your way, and here at DRA Create we have the capabilities to make that happen without costing you a small fortune. It is an inbound marketing strategy, letting them find you in a customer-centric way rather than bombarding people with traditional marketing strategies. The people coming to your website through SEO are in need of what you offer, and SEO means they will find you.

These are just a few of the many benefits we can offer you through choosing to work with us, and if you check out our website you can see that there are plenty more. Feel free to get in touch and book in for a consultation and get started on making your website dreams a reality.