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How to Sell Products Online – A Cost Effective Guide

Dec 16, 2020 | Costs, Ecommerce, Small Business, Website design

With high street commerce decline going from steady to rapid during COVID 19, and eCommerce experiencing the opposite, it is an absolute no brainer to start selling your products to an online audience. This begs the question; how exactly do you start to do this? Without a tech background navigating the do’s and don’ts of eCommerce can seem like a baffling minefield with no clear start point. Additionally, going online can be perceived as a pricy move to make with website set up fees with lots of suggested complicated add-ons which can stack up to a hefty bill. But it really does not have to be complicated or cost a small fortune. With DRA Create we make everything hassle free, bespoke, and affordable.

From just £400 we can get your eCommerce business up and running and ready to thrive. But first, we are going to run you through our guide to selling online without splashing out.


Use Social Media Advertising

There are so many different ways to get your products out there in the online marketplace, and so the first and very vital step to selling online, is to figure out what platforms your target audience are on, and how best to advertise to them online without blowing your whole budget. Many sites allow you to connect your eCommerce platform to their site and encourage business advertising. It gives you multiple channels to drive traffic towards your website besides people simply searching for you in google. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram allow for paid promotions for your business; for as little as £5 you can extend your market outreach by thousands, which is incredible for driving customers to your website. It is important to know and understand your typical customer and where they will most likely receive their adverts from; for example, if you were a local butchers, putting an advert into a Facebook Vegan page would not only be a waste of paid advertising, but would anger people! Whereas if you were a clothing retailer targeted towards teens, paying for an Instagram promotion or gifting a product to a ‘cool’ influencer to wear in a Tik Tok video would likely drive customers to your site, because you have targeted where they spend most of their social media time. Internet platforms, especially social media, are targeted billboard, use them to your advantage, you’ll thank us later!


Selling On Online Marketplaces

This is similar to the concept of advertising on social media, but instead your customer can directly shop through these sites to receive your product. The popularity of sites such as Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, Depop for sellers is that they cost very little, if anything to sell on but showcase your business to many customers looking for your products. Once again it is important to think through where your main customer base would be likely to be browsing. For example, if you make quirky handmade jewellery, your customers are likely to be on Etsy, if you are a vintage shop, Depop may be your place to go. It is possible to just sell on these platforms but really the main aim of every business selling on them is to gain a loyal client base who will start to buy directly from your own site. These sites are great for spreading awareness of what you do but do not allow for as much personal control and often ask for a slice of your profits. It is hard to create a clear stand out brand on these platforms and with constant algorithm changes, and Amazon alone having over 2 million sellers often competing with each other by offering ludicrously low prices, having an actual website makes you stand out and seem more trustworthy to potential customers.


Be Mobile Compatible

This may seem like a small thing, but it really makes all the difference! More people than ever are choosing to make their purchases through their mobile phone over their PC or Laptop. The ease of buying through a smartphone as most people have theirs on hand 24/7 making impulse purchases a lot easier to make, which is great news for your business. However, this can all come crumbling down if you do not have a website well made enough to be compatible for both PC and mobile use. Not only could this seemingly minor flaw stop someone purchasing from you on your phone, but it could also stop them from purchasing from you altogether. With many people fearing online scam sites, your website not being mobile compatible will send off alarm bells in many customers heads and make them doubt your professionalism.


WordPress eCommerce site

WordPress is perfectly geared towards being made into an efficient e-commerce website. It is such a versatile website builder and leaves room for creative vision, which is great for developing a distinctive and memorable brand. WordPress is free but you pay for specific add ons and you can make it compatible with eCommerce platforms. The best WordPress store for your business depends on your budget, your skills set and your level of business aspirations. Setting up a WordPress site can be daunting for many business owners, as it maybe alien from their area of expertise. Here at DRA Create we have years of experience working on WordPress eCommerce websites and can take all of the hassle off your hands. We can create a website which conveys the message of your business clearly and runs like a dream making the buying process sleek and easy for your customer, increasing their chance of a return visit. If you feel like you would like to discuss setting up a WordPress site with us, we can have a personal consultation with you and discuss your aims and your budget to create a site which will help actualise your biggest business ambitions.