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How Much Does A Small Business Website Cost?

Sep 22, 2020 | Costs, Website design

When it comes to the pricing of setting up a small business website, often navigating the process can be misleading, with many hidden costs cropping up along the way. One of the huge benefits of choosing to set up your small business website with DRA Create is that all your costs are presented to you straight up. This is due to the considerate and tailored approach DRA takes when working on any website, big or small. As much as we are focused on making the user experience effortless through our designs, equally we are just as invested in making your website vision come to life in the simplest way possible- running a small business is hard enough work in itself! Often those not from a web design background can feel bewildered by technological jargon and end up wondering what exactly it is their money is going towards throughout the process, especially when hidden costs rear their heads. Working honestly and transparently with you is integral to us, and our passion for helping small businesses find their feet online which drives our competitive prices for such a bespoke service.

DRA Create’s prices are clearly mapped out, to showcase exactly what you get in each available package. We aim to be as helpful and advisory as we possibly can, to aid in finding you the package which will provide you with optimum engagement and target your audience most effectively. From your first initial meetings, the package we recommend, and its full pricing will be laid out to you with honesty. We are extremely proud of this, and feel it reflects the level of trust you can put in our services.

Below you will find all the details about the website services we have on offer (and trust us, there is a lot!). There is bound to be a package which perfectly suits your businesses needs and which can be tailored just for you. We look forward to collaborating with you soon!

Business Website Design

  • One page: £400-600
  • 2-3 pages: £800
  • 4-5 pages: £1200
  • 5-8 pages: £1600
  • 8+ pages: £2000
  • Unlimited pages: £2400+

This package is ideal for any business trying to gain a presence on the web and let the world know about who you are and what you do. Having a website instils trust for potential clients as it makes your business appear reliable and official, so it is crucial to have a professional looking website linked to you. This package would be entirely bespoke and customised to you, giving you full control of your page aesthetic; we will be there every step of the way to ensure that your vision is conveyed to your audience as effectively as possible.

Online Store (E-commerce) Website 

From £2000

In today’s day and age, with less and less people flocking to the High Street and turning to browsing online for the best bargains, having a reliable ecommerce site is essential for any modern store. Your site would be easily linkable to your Instagram and Facebook accounts allowing anyone interested in your products to buy with ease. The importance of having an official website when trying to convey authenticity cannot be emphasised, especially when it comes to ecommerce, nobody wants to buy without the fear of being scammed! This package is also fully customisable allowing you to clearly portray your brand image. The way in which we work allows for a collaborative approach; we take our technical know-how and apply it to make your vision come to life. The cost of this service varies due to the number of pages you require and the number of products you would be selling on the site. However, our prices are highly competitive and every penny spent will be put to effective use.

Blog Website

From £400

If you have something you would like to share with an online audience, whether it be a delicious recipe or interior inspo, we are here to help! Again, this service is entirely bespoke to you, allowing you to design your site in a way which will attract the readers you want to target with your unique message. The cost will vary depending on how many blogs you would like to post, but yet again, through our meetings and consultation with you we will be able to give you a price upfront, making you feel secure and protecting you from hidden costs.


We are proud to say DRA Create uses the best hosting providers in the UK; our WordPress server is highly optimised, giving super-fast loading speeds and 0 lag time, making the user experience seamless and stress free. Included in our hosting package is daily or weekly website backups, giving you assurance that you will never lose any of your website content. If you ever did have any issues with your site, you would be provided with full technical server support, helping you solve any problems you may have quickly before you even have time to worry. Additionally, your customers will be well looked after by our excellent customer support team, giving both you and your customers optimum peace of mind.

Annual Fee: £100

cPanel Shared Server

This hosting option is incredibly cheap but does not compromise on efficiency. cPanel allows you to personally control the running of your website after It has been set up with ease. cPanel is specially designed to be run by the end-user website owner through its easy to use control panel including features such as automatic tools.

Bespoke WordPress Optimised, HA Private Containers

Annual Fee: £300

The everyday aspects of running your website can be a hassle that you simply do not have time for; we understand this and can take that extra burden off your hands, allowing you to focus on the important stuff. Your WordPress would be entirely bespoke to your business and highly optimised. You would also have HA private containers so you would not be sharing your server with any other sites increasing your optimisation and website function.


£25 per year

Your main domain will have an SSL certificate which subsequently provides your website with a secure http. This is essential to convey your site as reliable and trustworthy to your potential clients, and so definitely worth the small investment.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Minimum Contract
  • One Off Fee:

The importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. Being Google friendly makes you far easier to find and therefore far more likely to get business. We will aim to get you as highly ranked as possible without asking you to spend a small fortune. Our On Page optimisation will greatly increase the chances of local searchers being able to find you online, aiding you greatly in generating business- a small investment which will hopefully yield a big profit! Our SEO package includes:

  • Yoast,
  • WordPress SEO plugin tool.
  • Title, Description and Keywords meta
  • H1 – H4 optimisation
  • Custom XML site map created
  • Robots.txt file created
  • Added to my Google Webmaster Tools
  • Creation of Google Analytics Account
  • Sitemap submission

Monthly On-going Costs (Optional)

£25 per month: See below under WordPress Plugin Updates

£300 per year: See below under WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress sites require continued updates of any plugin used. We charge a small fee to login and update these and check everything is OK on a monthly or annual basis.

Most clients do annual as this is easier for their accounts as there are less invoices.

WordPress Version Update


Very occasionally, WordPress needs an update, which we thoroughly recommend for keeping your website up to speed and working. For this process we would create a full back up of your site, upgrade a new WordPress version and fix any issues there may be.