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How come 40% of businesses don’t have a website?

Nov 16, 2020 | Small Business, Website design

The internet has revolutionised the way in which we do business in the modern age, it is undeniable. With the decline of the high street and the boom of online retail made even more amplified by the Covid 19 crisis, it is more clear than ever that having an online presence as a business is integral to getting noticed and cultivating growth. This begs the question: why then do 40% of businesses not have a website? There are many possible answers to this question, but I am going to run through the most common responses to this question. There are multiple misunderstandings about what owning and running a website involves which are often outdated and misleading.

The first common misconception is that owning a website will be astronomically expensive. Especially for small businesses and start ups the idea of forking out a small fortune on a website is too big a risk to take and will leave them economically disadvantaged. In most scenarios, this is certainly not the case, in fact it is the opposite; statistically not having a website leaves you in a far poorer position in the long run. DRA Create has multiple pricing options for setting up your first website and all of the costings are upfront, so you don’t get caught out by any hidden costs sneaking up on you. DRA Create can work with you personally to create a website which is bespoke to your business and more importantly, your budget.

Having a website is far more likely to earn you money as with Search Engine Optimisation anyone local searching for your services or product will have your business bought to their attention and noticed. Even if you have an incredible amount of business through word of mouth, extending your reach through a website can only increase this outreach and increase your business, and therefore, your profits.

Starting up a website can be seem really daunting for many business owners and knowing where to start can appear unclear. Especially when you are not the most tech savvy person, trying to set one up a website can leave you feeling understandably lost. However, working with a website creator can take away all of this anxiety and allow you to have a professional standard website in no time. DRA Create takes all the stress and confusion away through working to your realistic budget, and after a personal consultation will be able to capture your vision and translate it into a personalised website perfect for your business needs.

With busy schedule which inevitably comes with running a business, setting up a website can seem like one extra task too many and fall to the bottom of the to do list. Again, this is another great example of why using a website creator such as DRA Create is a great idea. DRA Create takes the weight off your shoulders and takes care of the matter for you whilst providing you with results which would take you months’ worth of painstaking work. Knowing your website has been made by skilled designers gives you a peace of mind and will save you time in the long run as there will be fewer mistakes that you have to fix (again, a big time saving aspect).

Finally, and crucially, there is a lack of education on how vital a website can be to business growth and strength. Often the ‘I don’t need’ a website argument is perpetuated as the untapped potential is not realised. Hopefully this blog has helped bring to attention the potential which can be missed through not having a website presence online. So, seize the day and get ready to give your business a new lease of life with a website! Contact us today, even if it’s just for a chat to see how we can help.